Teacher Development

How do we help teachers?

  • We give workshops to local teachers on topics related to methodology, course and lesson planning, classroom management, and reading aloud to children. 
  • For foreign teachers, we add topics like teaching cross-culturally and being an honorable professional. 
  • We hold Teachers English Corners.



What is a Teachers English Corner?

Teachers English Corner is an opportunity for small groups of English teachers to gather and practice speaking English.  Our topics range from education to local issues to life.  Sometimes, we discuss and solve problems.  Sometimes, we celebrate holidays.  At other times, we research aspects of teaching or learning English and write papers for publication.  At all times, we try to support each other in teaching and in life.



Master Teaching

Click on the link to read our blog for teachers who follow the Master Teacher.


How can you help us?

If you are currently teaching in Asia, you can help us understand how to help teachers by filling out the survey below.

Teacher Survey