The Seed Fund

What is the Seed Fund?

LEAPAsia's scholarship program offers funds to students who are unable to pay for school or who are in danger of dropping out because of family and/or financial concerns. Precedence is given to ethnic minorities, women, and students with disabilities. Its purpose is to: 1) provide opportunities to students who because of economic situation, social status, or physical disability are unable to pay for education, and 2) to encourage a love of learning and a vision for helping others out of poverty. Recipients pursuing higher education work for LEAPAsia 10 hours per week.

"A single seed
reaps a harvest
of 10,000"
(from a Chinese poem).

Congratulations Graduates!

Two Seed Fund students recently graduated. One now has her Master's degree in Translation. The other has a Bachelor's in Hydroelectric Engineering. Both have started their careers. Congratulations!  

Who are the recipients?  

LEAPAsia currently supports 3 students from 2 families: 1 senior in high school, 1 vocational high school student, and 1 middle school student.

Watch a documentary about the area where the Seed Fund students are from: