"I tell you the truth, 

when you show kindness and mercy

to the least of these,

you are loving me."


Welcome to LEAPAsia!

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization which exists to promote the development of education in Asia. With the help of local partners, we donate books to schools in remote areas, champion students in difficult circumstances, encourage parents, and support teachers.

"One child, 

one teacher,

one book and one pen

can change the world."

             ~Malala Yousafzai

The Eileen Smith Book Project

While donating books to schools in economically depressed regions, we read aloud to children and engage them in book activities. We hope to grow in them a love of reading while opening their eyes to the world outside their remote villages. Since 2010, the project has donated more than 10,000 books.

Eileen Smith was a consummate teacher who took her reading almost as seriously as her teaching. She would have been the book project's greatest fan, but hoots of embarrassed laughter would have greeted the news of it being named for her. 

"Sometimes the act of kindness 

we do for a child, 

though it takes just a minute, 

can reverberate for a lifetime." 

             ~Wess Stafford

Seeds of Learning

We plant seeds of learning by encouraging children and parents in difficult circumstances, especially girls and women who have been left behind by society. 

Through ongoing communication and summer camps, we cultivate long-term relationships with these girls. Our purpose is to build their self-worth and inspire them to persevere through the challenges of school so that they can become a catalyst for good in their families and communities. 

Shoulder to shoulder with their parents, especially moms, we try to stand in the gaps left by economic hardship or a lack of access to education. We also partner with Seedlingo, an organization that develops digital learning tools for adult literacy.

"It takes ten years

to grow a tree

and one hundred

to cultivate a person.

             ~a Chinese proverb

Teacher Development

In our teacher workshops and curriculum development projects, we aim to inspire a love of teaching and help educators support their students in academics and life. We enjoy looking for deeper meaning in teaching which is why we run Master Teaching, a blog for teachers who follow the Master Teacher.  

"Seeds that fall on fertile ground

produce a crop

thirty, sixty, and one hundred times

what is planted." 


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